Great value for money and time.

If you hire a guide, they will make the itinerary for you. You do not have to think about at what time the monuments are closed or open. Even if you spent hours searching about a site, town or spot on internet or reading guide books, you will never know the lesser visited places of your interest. The local guide will take you to places that are really worthy to visit. Hiring a professional local guide is the best use of your time.

Perfect for short visits.

If you do not have much time to spend in Salamanca, hiring a guide is a perfect option. We are able to adapt our itinerary according to the time to spent in the town and you will be able to visit the most important spots without missing the possibility to bring with you a little of our culture.

Because you don’t want to get lost.

You do not have to be worried about itineraries, directions, how to get to a spot or a museum in a map or in internet. No hassle! Even if you are spending several days in Salamanca, you will have information about other places or spots to visit, which will be interesting to know what to do the rest of the day or the following days.

Guides are there when you think of a question.

You get much more attention. The guide is there for you, your interests and for any question you have.

We like to know about the interests of the people whom we guide and of course we enjoy your comments and questions. In fact, we also learn from the visitors who visit us.

The professional local guides are able to tailor a tour according to your interests, needs and tastes.

You will discover unique stories and details about the places.

Bring the local culture to life.

We live where we work. So the local guides are able to tell you the history and context of the spots you are visiting. We are able to explain the stories hidden behind a monument.

You will have the local perspective of the sites you are visiting and they are able to answer your questions. We live in Salamanca, so we know about the town every single aspect so we are the perfect gate to discover the culture, traditions and secrets of Salamanca. You will have a fresh angle of what you are visiting.

The most experienced guides.

We are trained to guide and licensed by the government of Castilla and León. We need to be graduated at the University, speak different languages, know other cultures and pass an exam to become certified. Licensed guides must be recognized by the use of a badge we have to wear.

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