The Official Guide or the Licensed Tour Guide is the highest qualification issued by Castilla and León Government

It qualifies us to work independently in Castilla and León, after passing an exam:  2 years of intense study, travelling and researching all over Castilla and León, culminates in an exam, both written and oral.  

It’s why we, who hold the License of Official Guides are so proud of it. It takes long hours, dedication and determination to get one and as result we are like no other guides in Castilla and León.

It also means that with us, our guests can bypass some lines and queues in Salamanca, as in the Cathedrals. We are the ambassadors of our region and synonym of quality in our services.

I can tour Salamanca or further afield, in the province.  I can also arrange day trips and tours from cruise ships. 

Please contact me to ask for a quotation, details and bookings.

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