Special Guided Tour for Students

Visitas Universidad de Salamanca

Roman Bridge, celtic “Verraco”, Medieval walls, cathedrals or Ieronimus (the visit to the towers of the cathedrals), Historic Building of the Univesity and the “Cielo de Salamanca”, House of Shells and Plaza Mayor. 

Optional: Tickets in  Cathedrals, Ieronimus and Historic Building University.

This is a route specially designed for groups of schools and other Educational Institutions who wish to visit Salamanca with their pupils.

Whether your pupils are learning Spanish or their interest is just to discover one of the most stunning Old Quarters in Europe, this visit is perfect for you.

The aim of the tour is to discover the city from its origins (4th century b.c) to Modern Times; from the Roman Bridge to the Main Square.

There are two sites that are must-see for the students: first of all, the University. There are strong ties between Salamanca and its University. Salamanca is worldwide known because of the University.

And the second must-see site is the visit to the Towers of the Cathedrals. Certainly, the visit to the cathedrals in Salamanca is really impressive. None-the-less if you consider that your students during their trip in Spain have already visited many cathedrals, and you’d prefer to offer something different, I would recommend to go up the towers of the cathedrals, known as “Ieronimus”. From the roof you will enjoy of breath-taking sights.

Useful Information

Duration of the tour

Walking tour c. 2 hours and a half
Walking tour + Tower Cathedrals: c. 3 hours
Panoramic Walking Tour c. 1 hour and a half


Visit the most outstanding buildings: - the Main Square - the Historic Building of the University - the House of Shells - the Clerecía - The Cathedrals

Discounts in the entry prices of most of the monuments!


Due to the fact that all the tours are tailor-made, to suit each customer’s preferences and budget, just sent me an email, tell me the tour you are interested in and I will quote you the tour.


This tour is accessible to disable visitors (except Ieronimus, the towers of the cathedrals)

On the basis of experience, this route aims to respond to the demands of teachers and students: an enjoyable but also informative tour, showing emblematic buildings of the city and important figures and personalities that took part of our cultural and political life.

Nor should we forget those traditions in relation to the student life. This is the best way to bring the old rooms of the university to life.

This tour is a great way to bring your class into the heart of Spanish History and Salamanca’s Old Town.

Whether your pupils are learning Spanish or not, a visit to Salamanca is always worthwhile.

Just qualified guides in Salamanca are able to use special entrances, avoid waiting long lines and to have access to discounts in the entry prices of most of the monuments. 

Cathedrals: 7 euros per person.

University: 5 euros per person (children under 12, free)

This is a walking tour. The historical center is pedestrian. 

None-the-less, if you need a taxi, do not get worried. Taxis are allowed to get in the historical center.

Just let me know your personal circumtances and I will help you.

If your group is staying in a centrally-located hotel, we can meet at the lobby.

If you are on route, the meeting point is in front of the Museo de la Automoción. There is a bay for buses.

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