Salamanca Night time tours

Qué ver y hacer en Salamanca

Main Square, House of Shells, Clerecía, University, Cathedrals, Saint-Stephen’s Priory, Roman Bridge, Medieval walls… 

Panoramic tour. No entrances to buildings are included.

The day is over…but the tours in Salamanca aren’t…

If you wish to visit Salamanca in a different way, book this night time tour. Sunset or at night are the most beautiful moments to schedule this tour. 

You will enjoy the charm of the city with its illuminated buildings which will leave you speechlessa highly recommended experience.

Private night tours of Salamanca provide you with different sights of the Old quarter than the one you have seen in the daylight. It is just a completely unique and breathtaking experience.

Salamanca at sunset or at night is an unforgettable experience.

Schedule a private night tour of Salamanca to experience this beautiful city from a different perspective —and it’s one you shouldn’t miss out on!

Useful Information

Duration of the tour

Walking tour c. 2 hours


Visit the most outstanding buildings: - the Main Square - the Historic Building of the University - the House of Shells - the Clerecía - The Cathedrals - Saint- Stephen Priory - Roman Bridge - Medieval Walls


Due to the fact that all the tours are tailor-made, to suit each customer’s preferences and budget, just sent me an email, tell me the tour you are interested in and I will tell you the price.


This tour is accessible to disable visitors

In this tour, no entries to monuments are included

This is a walking tour. The historical center is pedestrian. 

None-the-less, if you need a taxi, do not get worried. Taxis are allowed to get in the historical center.

Just let me know your personal circumtances and I will help you.

Comfortable shoes are a must.

How to book

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