Major Salamanca Sites

visitas guiadas en Salamanca con un guía turístico

Plaza Mayor, Casa de las Conchas y Clerecía, Patio Escuelas Mayores y Menores, University Historic Building, New and Old Cathedral

Including Entraces to cathedrals and University of Salamanca

Discover the old-fashioned charm of Salamanca. 

Your wil be introduced in the must-see historic buildings in the city of Salamanca. 

The history carved in the golden stones of Villamayor (local and unique stone), remind us the important past of the city. The New and the Old Cathedral still remain as witnesses of a glorious past.

The University of Salamanca, still alive, is one of the oldest universities in Europe. With more than 30,000 students, the city boasts calm and at the same time festive and vibrant. Will you be able to find a tiny frog on the façade?

The House of Shells invite us to go back to medieval times and the importance of marriages…

And finally, the magnificent Main Square surprises us… elegant and harmonious. Our beautiful living-room…

Frogs, space-men, shells… will you miss them? Hope not…

Useful Information

Duration of the tour

Walking tour c. 2 hours and a half


Visit the most outstanding buildings: - the Main Square - the Historic Building of the University - the House of Shells - the Clerecía - The Cathedrals

Discounts in the entry prices of most of the monuments!


Due to the fact that all the tours are tailor-made, to suit each customer’s preferences and budget, just sent me an email, tell me the tour you are interested in and I will tell you the price.


This tour is accessible to disable visitors

This is the classic tour.

We will visit a surprising Old Quarter, full of architectural and artistic works. Salamanca was declared a World Heritage Site in 1988 and it is worldwide known because of its University.

On our tour we will visit the Plaza Mayor, the agora of the city full of vitality and very lively at any time of the day;  the Casa de las Conchas, considered to be as the most beautiful house in Salamanca. In its patio, discover the impressive views of the Clerecía towers. The building of the Society of Jesus is impressive for its height and beauty.

The University of Salamanca with its 800 years of life is the oldest university in the Iberian Peninsula and “one of the four lights of the world”. Of course, you can not miss a visit to the Historic building to discover who Fray Luis de León or Francisco de Vitoria were.

Finally, we will get in into the Cathedrals. Salamanca has two cathedrals, known as the New Cathedral and the Old Cathedral.

You will not be dissapointed !

Just qualified guides in Salamanca are able to use special entrances, avoid waiting long lines and to have access to discounts in the entry prices of most of the monuments. 

Cathedrals: 7 euros per person.

University: 5 euros per person (children under 12, free)

This is a walking tour. The historical center is pedestrian. 

None-the-less, if you need a taxi, do not get worried. Taxis are allowed to get in the historical center.

Just let me know your personal circumtances and I will help you.

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