I answer many of the questions and doubts you may have.

If your doubt or question does not appear, you can send me an email to info@unguiaensalamanca.com or fill out the contact form.

Do not hesitate, it will be a pleasure for me to help you.

You will discover the city of Salamanca accompanied with a licensed expert local guide, certified by the Junta de Castilla y León. Your visit will be private and adapted to your needs.

It will be a cultural, comfortable and relaxed experience. You will have information that you will hardly find by other means (written guides, internet…). You will discover the history and many details of the town.

In addition, you will avoid unnecessary lines (queues) to enter into the buildings or to visit museums and exhibitions. Moreover you will obtain information about other visits or places of interest.

You will save time and money.

When hiring a service through the website https://unguiaensalamanca.com, the guided visit will be carried out by Cristina Marcos Maté. However, in case of not having availability and there is a need to book another guide instead, the client will be notified at the time of making the reservation.

You can make a reservation request through our “contact” page and fill the form.

You have two alternatives: payment in advance (by bank transfer) or on the day of the visit. In this case, payment will have to be made directly to the guide in cash.

Yes, of course. You have two options:

– If you need an invoice, you can request it at the time of booking, sending your tax information: name and address.

– If you need an invoice when making the visit, provide the guide name, address and the guide will send you the invoice by email.

In case that you or your group is staying in a hotel or in a downtown restaurant, the guide will pick you up.

In Salamanca there are two meeting points:

  • Plaza de San Julián. It is located near the Plaza Mayor. It is a very comfortable meeting point, but it requires prior authorization.
  • Paseo del Rector Esperabé there is a dock for buses. In this case, keep in mind that to start the visit there is a street to go up, Calle Tentenecio.

In any case, when making the reservation, the meeting point will be specified depending on your needs.

Yes. In this case, we need to know in advance the arrival time of the bus, train or plane and the guide will wait for you at the station or airport.

You must take into account a cost for such service and the cost of travel taxi that will depend on the requested service.

Salamanca is a small city and the historic center is closed to traffic (except for taxis).

Normally we will do the tour on foot, without rushing. Tours are suitable for everyone. However, if you need a taxi to get around, I recommend to let me know. Taxis can pass through the historic center.

In the case of a school group, the guide will always adapt to the needs of the group.

If there are children in the group, we always try to reconcile the needs and interests of adults with the interests of minors.

In any case, our visits are dynamic and we want them to be enjoyable for all audiences.

It is not necessary to reserve tickets to the monuments. In the event that it is necessary because of an event or special occasion, we will let you know.

In cathedrals however, they do allow (not mandatory) to book in advance.

Tickets can be purchased at the same time as entering the buildings.

Just in the cathedrals payment can be made by payment in advance, by credit card or in cash.

However, keep in mind that in many other cases, payment is only allowed in cash.

Salamanca has an extreme continental climate. This translates into very cold winters and very hot summers. The guide will NEVER cancel the tour due to weather conditions.

If you enjoyed the visit in Salamanca, you can always contact us by sending us a message through the form available on the web.

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